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Blade Maiden Leader

Blade Maiden Leader
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(Note: This figure is available both in the Blade Maiden boxed set, and as an individual figure.)

This woman wears a lined fur cloak, a large left-shoulder pad, chainmail gauntlets, ornate boots, and a loincloth-and-tassel hanging from a chain about her hips. There are leather straps running across her chest, and a decorative chain-and-mesh strip that comes from the shoulders to just below the belly, leaving the breasts, belly, and thighs bare. The hair is worn in a large braid down the back, with some bangs free in the front. The sword is decorated with "notches" in the lower blade.

photo courtesy Target Games

The figure comes in two pieces, with the sword-and-lower-arm being one piece. Like all the models in this set, this figure is designed to fit into a slottabase-type stand (provided in the box). The upper arm ends in a pyramid-shaped joint which matches a similar opening in the lower arm. Surprisingly, though the pieces fit together well, there isn't a lot of feedback to tell when they are aligned the way the designer intended. There is a large triangle of scrap metal at the bottom of the sword hilt which must be trimmed. Seams are visible but minor. Don't miss trimming the small tap between the figure's legs.

Figure is 31mm tall (from top of head to bottom of boot). One per boxed set.