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Tod P. Zechiel has done what a lot of us wish we could - he woke up one day, realized he wanted something, and proceeded to create a miniatures line from scratch. His period of interest is the Boxer Rebellion, and so he has sculpted and cast his very own line of 15mm Boxer Rebellion figures.

figures painted and mounted by manufacturer

Shown above are three samples which he painted, mounted, and sent our way. From left to right, they are -

  • B02 - Boxer Advancing with Sword
  • R04 - Russian Infantry Enlisted advancing
  • I04 - Imperial (Chinese) Infantry standing/firing

""While trying not to sound apologetic," Tod explains, "allow me to inform you of the nature of the miniatures. I am an amateur sculpturer, and the figures are gravity cast as opposed to centrifically cast. The figures are therefore of moderate quality. They tend to be thick and simple, with less detail than other manufacturer's figures. They tend to have a more pronounced parting line or seam, and larger sprues. You need, as a minimum, a sharp exacto knife to remove the excess metal. A tapered, flat, needle file is even better. To reduce cost, the figures contain lead."

He also sent us these unpainted samples: