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Giant Jungle Gar

Jungle Gar with Bloodstone Spear
(2 poses in pack)
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This is the first chance we've had to examine any of the figures in the Fantasy Legend product line. This sample is one of the two figures (two unique poses) in the Jungle Gar with Bloodstone Spear pack.

What's a Gar? Here's the official explanation from the manufacturer:

From the deserts, forests, swamps and jungles come the powerful reptilian races known as the Gar! The Gar are the self-proclaimed protectors of Faldor, seeing to it that the other races do not defile their sacred home. What these magnificent creatures lack in technology, they more than make up for in brute strength and agility. If you have faced them on the field of battle, you know that the Gar are not to be taken lightly!

So far, Gar figures have been released for the desert, swamp, forest and jungle sub-races. The Jungle Gar are of medium height for a Gar - but that still makes them twice the height of a man.

front view

This creature is tall and skinny, with a short torso, long limbs, serpentine tail, and lizard-like head. It is naked, with scaly skin on the back and neck, segmented plates on the chest, and otherwise a smooth skin over prominent musculature. Large scales or flaps cover the top of the tail, elbows and shins. The feet have three toes, while the hands have three fingers and a thumb. Unlike the muscled limbs, the tail is smooth and flowing.


The neck is segmented in the front and scaled on the back and sides, and is nearly as thick as portions of the torso. A segmented dorsal ridge runs along the back of the head. The head is flat with a short snout and prominent eye ridges. The shape of the flattened nose and lips is vaguely leonine.

rear view

The Gar carries a primitive spear. The shaft has a bark texture, while the point resembles a giant flint roughly carved to shape and lashed into position. (In game terms, the spear is tipped with a Bloodstone.)

Our sample had no major imperfections, and only a few minor flaws (all easily cleaned up):

  • there's a seam barely visible on the leg and tail, beneath the right hand (easily cleaned up, if you can reach in there)
  • there is a little flash between the left arm and spear shaft
  • the right hand has some minor flash around the thumb, and between the hand and the spear shaft
  • minor seam on the spear point
  • a minor seam on the left eye ridge could be cleaned up

The Jungle Gar with Bloodstone Spear is a nice departure from the usual "lizardman" figure, and could be accomodated in any number of rulesets besides Fantasy Legend.

Figure stands 51mm tall from bottom of feet to top of head. Spear is 61mm long. Oval base is 16mm x 26mm.