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components assembled

One of the first heavy tanks to enter production, the KV-1 (Klim Voroshilov) went into production for the Soviet army in 1940, and served throughout WWII.

Four-piece kit (hull, turret, and two track pieces). Model measures 6 cm long x 3.3 cm wide x 2.9 cm high. Hull detail is basic - four hatches on the hull, engine grates, headlight, vision block, and machinegun ball mount (with hole, presumably for inserting wire "gun barrel," not provided). The turret includes a rear-facing ball mount (again, suitable for insertion of a wire). Gun is flat-ended, not bored. The general outline and details match our references for the KV tank series, though we were unable to obtain specific references for the "C" model.

Our sample hull had a slight seam all the way around, difficult to work on due to being between the hull reinforcements, but probably not worth messing with. The rear of the hull ends in a rounded part that seems a little rough - you may want to do some file work to smooth things out and remove some excess metal. The hull bottom seems a bit high off the ground compared to our references, possibly because the tread pieces seem a bit too tall.

The track pieces are marked "left" and "right," with indications as to which ends are "top" and "front." The front two road wheels on the left track are too far forward. The track bends after the road wheels, rather than with them. Tread pattern is simplified, and there is no tread on the bottom. Some excess metal at the ends may need minor clean-up. There is no guide for attaching the treads to the hull, but simply centering them beneath the fenders looks right.

Our turret had a slight seam on the bottom right, easily fixable, and needed some minor clean-up at the bottom rear. Gun barrel taper is accentuated. Seems to be excess space between front bottom of turret and hull. The turret sits properly when facing forward, but rides up on hull details when rotated.

Overall, this kit needs little clean-up, and assembles easily to make a good tabletop representation of a KV-1C.