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Wilson's Miniatures Paints 15mm WWII Soviet Officers

Russian Officers
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Dutch508 Inactive Member writes:

Differences in Red Army uniforms run from a dark green to a light tan. Some of this has to do with the wide sources of cloth used to make uniforms in the first two years of the war. Typically the winter weight wool uniforms would be a darker olive green than teh summer weight cotton.
Also, the summer uniforms too one a yellowish colour from the dust and dirt of the campaigns. Washing these were limited and most commonly done in mass, with harsh soaps. The dingy water made things a uniform tan.
You can easily paint figures with various tones of khaki tops and bottoms as well.

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Wilson's Miniatures takes the opportunity today to display their painted figures in the TMP Showcase.

Soviet officers

Neil at Wilson's Miniatures accepted the assignment to paint two packs of 15mm scale Soviet officers (Peter Pig). "I have a (rather!!) large 20mm WWII Russian army," he told me, "so shouldn't be too difficult!"

The figures have been mounted to steel bases and photographed at TMP, and will receive final basework here.

Soviet officers

There were sixteen figures total, comprising three poses.

Soviet officers

The leftmost figure has a blue cap, green uniform, brown bags, and gray boots, and is ready to fire a pistol.

Soviet officers

The central figure is leaning as if rushing forward. He wears a green helmet (with red dot), green uniform with red dots on the lapels, black binoculars slung around his neck, brown bags, pistol is his right hand, and gray boots.

Soviet officers

The rightmost figure holds a pistol over head. He has a green cap, green uniform with red dots on the shoulderboards and lapel, brown belt and bags, and gray boots.