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Ogre Myrmadon - Components

Ogre Myrmadon
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23 March 2000page first published

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the component parts of the Myrmadon Bull and Riding Ogre

The pack includes 7 pieces, which break apart to provide 10 actual components:

  • Myrmadon left and right halves (hollow)
  • Myrmadon head
  • Myrmadon tail
  • Myrmadon tusks (2)
  • Myrmadon head spike (for helmet)
  • Ogre rider
  • top half of Ogre's longspear
  • metal base

This model is exceptionally well-engineered. The main body parts have guides so that you can tell how to fit them together, and our sample had no significant seam or fit problems. (One curious fact: the Myrmadon has a hollow belly, but you can't see that fact on the tabletop unless you're looking right up its tailpipe...)

The head also fits easily in place, with two pin-and-hole guides. I had no fit problems, but any problems I might have had would have been hidden by the overlapping head armor where it meets the body (again, nicely designed!).

close-up of the Bull and its tusks

The tusks were the only pieces which caused me any problem. First, you'll need to look at the illustration in the Fallen Land book to know which way these are supposed to curve. The complication is to insert the tusks in the holes so that they go far enough in that you can't see the bottom edge, yet not leave a gap between the tusks and the inside edge of the hole. (In order to get the tusks to fit at the right angle, I left the bottom edge of the tusks resting on the outer rim of the hole, rather than fully inserting it.)

The head spike fits perfectly - and fits perfectly in both directions (curving up or down), so check the illustration before cementing it in place.

The tail fits into a recess at the rear, with the seams disguised or covered by harness fittings. Mine was a perfect fit.

the assembled Myrmadon Bull

The base piece has subtle depressions where three of the four feet can go, and a protrusion that the raised foreleg rests on. There's isn't one right way to place the Myrmadon, but there isn't a lot of wiggle room, either.

the longspear pieces

I was skeptical at first of the longspear, which is molded in two pieces - the bottom part, which is cast as part of the rider, and the top (business end) of the bladed spear. The pieces overlap, with two pin-and-hole guides to show how they fit. To my surprise, this turned out to make a strong, easily cemented joint.

There is no saddle or other indication as to where the Ogre should sit on the Myrmadon's back, but this is simply determined - put the Ogre on the beast's neck, then slide him backwards until he won't go any further. That's the spot. (Tip: Be sure the spear is perpendicular before cementing the rider in place.)