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POL.3 - Infantry L.M.G.'s (Helmet)

Infantry L.M.G.'s (Helmet)
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4 December 2000page first published

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This pack contains eight figures, half of which are prone, and half of which are walking ("advancing"). There are four unique poses, with two instances of each.

prone LMG team

The prone figures comprise one figure with a light machinegun (LMG), and a second team member with a rifle.

The gunner is lying prone, firing an LMG (resting on a bipod). The pose looks accurate, and the figure shows good detail. A slight seam is visible along the sides of the figure, and one of our samples had a nub on the left arm (easily removed).

The rifleman also lies prone, and is observing rather than using his weapon. Again, there are slight seams along the sides. One of our samples had minor flash along the bottom edge of the rifle.

prone LMG team, as painted by manufacturer

An LMG team, as painted up by the manufacturer.

Gunner is 21mm from feet to front of helmet; 30mm total length. Rifleman is 19mm from feet to front of helmet; 23mm total length.

advancing LMG team

The same figures are also included in "advancing" pose.

The gunner is obviously "lugging" his weapon forward - the pose and positioning conveys the idea that this weapon is heavy, and that he's not anticipating "firing from the hip" as he advances.

The end of the LMG barrel is very thin. Our samples were extremely bent, but with care we were able to straighten them out. A little knife work should take care of the flash problems under the right arm, and an odd seam along the shoulders. (There's also a minor seam visible on the helmet.)

The rifleman is also not anticipating action - his rifle is pointed skyward. He carries a small case (ammunition?) in his left hand. There are minor seams visible along the sides, including a double seam on one side; also a minor seam on the helmet.

advancing Polish infantry, as painted by manufacturer

The manufacturer painted up these Polish infantry figures. The two on the left are an advancing LMG team.

Gunner is 19mm tall, from bottoms of boots to top of helmet. So is the rifleman.