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Miniature World Maker's Dirt Roads

Dirt Road Pack
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Dirt Road - Straight Sections
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Dirt Road - Curved Sections
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Dirt Road - Junctions
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8 December 2001page first published

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Miniature World Maker is a company down in Australia that is doing amazing things with latex. We've seen their products at conventions and in stores, but these are our first review samples (thanks to John Gleason over at Miniature Wargames Dot Com, the factory outlet for Miniature World Maker in North America).

the Dirt Road Pack

The Dirt Road Pack comes in a plastic wrap (not a bag, but a taped wrap). Inside are a bundle of 4 Straight Sections (about 10" long), a bundle of 6 Curved Sections (about the same length), and 4 Junctions (2 T's, 1 Y, and a crossroads). (The "bundles" keep the pieces safe in shipment, but aren't meant for re-use.)

contents of the Dirt Road Pack

What are they made out of? According to the manufacturer:

Q. What are your products made from? Why wonít they break?

A. Miniature World Maker products are made from latex rubber so they cannot rip, chip, break, crack or tear. One demonstration had two men playing tug-oí-war with the product - it didnít damage it in the least. Neither did the car running over it!

the Road Pieces are made of flexible latex

The latex material is thick enough to withstand use, but not so thick that you couldn't overlap the road sections if you wanted to. There is a slight odor to the latex, but very faint. Our samples had occasional "bubble" marks or trimming errors, but nothing significant - and the dark color makes errors difficult to spot.

close-up of road piece; Russian WWII heavy machinegun figures from Battlefront

The latex is dark brown, painted with a variety of greens, browns, and blue-greys, and flocked with green "grass." Our samples had grass on both the verges and the roadways, with painted "tracks" added to the road surfaces. The flocking is durable - if you rub the flocked parts, you get some "flock dust" but the main flocking stays put.


The roads are simple to use - just lay them out on the tabletop. The flexibility of the latex means that they can be used over sloped hill pieces so that a road can run up and down a hill. In the example above, we even overlapped two curved pieces to get a tighter curve (see top-left corner).

1/300 Russian vehicle column going down the road; vehicles from Scotia

The road pieces are advertised as 15/20mm scale. In this scale, a T-34 tank fills the road from side to side. The roads also seem useful in 1/285 and 1/300 gaming, being wide enough for two vehicles side-by-side.