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9 April 2001page first published

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thick and thin, round or hexagonal, clear or mirror-tinted

I've just received a variety pack of samples from Larry Gaff of Custom Bases, who makes and sells some quite unique gaming bases.

"They are made to the exact size and shape," explains Larry, "since size is important with some games when you are deciding if the target ship is hit or not by using the base as the target area." He uses an optical edger - the same equipment used to cut eyeglasses - to cut the bases.

rounded bases in a variety of colors

The standard sizes listed in his company's flyer are round and hexagonal, in several thicknesses, in two sizes (but Larry says he can make any shape or size needed). "It can be made from as small as 25mm to as big as 70mm (for the mirror-coated bases), or 25mm to as big as 75mm for the clear or tinted bases." Available tints in our sample included yellow, brown, blue, grey, and several reds; mirror-shades available include blue and silver.

Larry produces several stands sized to match particular games, such as Gothic Fleet and Warhammer. Bases can also be ordered with a pre-drilled hole, to accomodate the stems that come with many flying models. (He can also provide stems, if needed.)

stem shown in a thick, round, striped base

Even the edges of the bases can be customized with one or more colored grooves. "Tinted or grooved bases are ideal for squadrons, to keep everything in order," Larry tells us. "The large size are great for space stations, planets or asteroids."

Small bases range in price from US$1.50 to US$2.50 each. Large bases vary from US$2.50 to US$7.00.