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Basic Hill Set (Green)
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It was two years ago that we first looked at the terrain products available from Terrain Creations. A lot has changed in two years. Terrain Creations is now an arm of Agents of Gaming, and their hills have changed to a new format.

The new hill set

Lee Wygant of Terrain Creations sent me the Basic Hill Set. According to the label:

These vacuum formed hills can be used in nearly any miniatures system and are durable enough to survive even the roughest gaming environments found on a table top.

What's unique about these hill pieces, as far as I'm aware, is that they are the only ones I've ever seen which are hollow - made out of thick plastic. Being hollow means the hill pieces are easy to store, since they fit inside each other!

Nestled hills on my dining room table

Twelve hill pieces - 2 large, 5 medium, and 5 small pieces - provide a lot of cover. I don't know what the thickness of the plastic is, but the hills are not fragile. The tops bend slightly under the weight of miniatures, but the bend is barely noticeable. The pieces also seem to be fairly sturdy, not prone to cracking or breaking.

Too much terrain for one end of the table!

The hill pieces are covered in a standard "grass" flocking. There is some shedding when the pieces are first used, but the amount which comes off is more felt than seen - it's like a fine green dust or grit. However, that seems to be the limit to the shedding. I couldn't get any more of the flock off, even by rubbing the pieces repeatedly.

A French soldier surveys new ground

(Painted French figure donated by The Command Post.)