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Master Fighter Kettenkrad

NSU Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2 Normandie 1944
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Jedispice Inactive Member writes:

Nice kettenkrad, but what on earth happened with the crew's helmets? They look too small. They have a cloth camoflague cover that reduces their distinct shape, but taking into account that the helmet has a lip or rim that protrudes all the way around, the cloth should be bulkier and extend outwards more. Now it looks more like a bathing cap. If you follow the shape, and try to imagine a helmet underneath, with liner and all, it doesn't leave much room for the rest of the head of the figure.

Maybe it's just the angle of the pictures, but that detail jumped straight at me as soon as I opened the page. Otherwise the kettenkrad looks quite good and the paint job on the figures is ok for a prepaint. The stowage in the back is a nice touch as well.

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Kettenkrad box

I don't know how practical it was, but the Kettenkrad - sort of a tracked motorcycle - has always fascinated me. So I was delighted when one arrived in the mail!


This is the 1/48th scale pre-painted model from the Master Fighter line, and comes in five parts: Kettenkrad, trailer, driver, passenger, and trailer.

Sadly, despite an excellent packing job, my sample arrived broken - the front wheel and one track were broken off the vehicle, and the signpost was bent and broken. (Would customs open a package, break something accidentally, then re-shrinkwrap it?)

Fortunately, a little superglue fixed everything up. I was also able to permanently attach the riders. Handlebars are attached to the driver, and it took me a few minutes to figure how he was supposed to sit - but it all worked. I also glued the trailer in place.

Kettenkrad box

For wargaming purposes, I believe this model falls into the "be careful and it will be OK" category. Avoid pressing down on the vehicle, as the tracks and wheel have resin parts and are fragile. However, you can pick up and move the vehicle without touching any of the delicate areas.

Kettenkrad box

If you intend to use the signpost as a scenic item on the tabletop, be sure to give it a wider base.

Kettenkrad close-up