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2 - Stalingrad Apartment Details

Stalingrad Apartment Building
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entrance wall piece

One of the nice things about this kit is that the artist chose not to take the easy road. None of the exterior wall pieces are duplicates. Nearly every component of this kit has its own unique touch - crumbled masonry, bullet holes, broken window frames or floor timbers.

openings on this wall piece need a little clean up

As with most resin kits, some of these parts will need slight cleanup - knocking light flash off window frames and other openings.

resin pocks show on the bannister and window

Most resin kits also suffer from pitting, and this kit is no exception - although the pits are infrequent, and small enough that a little paint may be enough to hide them.

front and back of two similar wall pieces

One limitation of the casting method used to form this kit is that all of the pieces are featureless on the backs, with the resin forming a slick and slightly uneven surface. The good news is that these surfaces are almost always the inside or bottom parts of the structure. Since this is obviously a gutted apartment building, the interior can be painted to represent weathered, smoke-stained, or burned walls - which makes the lack of detail less noticeable.

finished building interior - photo courtesy of Wargame Ruins