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Stacked hills on my dining room table

According to the manufacturer:

Our product is made using a patent-pending beadboard material (not Styrofoam) with a sturdy fiberglass mat on the top and the bottom of each hill. This mat prevents heavy miniatures from damaging the hills, as well as letting you "pin" your trees to stick right into the hills.

The hills are coated with Woodland Scenics flocking, product WST49, Green Blended Turf. Since this is a commercially available flock, you can make custom terrain which will match these hill pieces.

I didn't destruction-test the hill pieces, but I did torture them mildly. I couldn't rub off the flocking using ordinary pressure. Dropping a figure from shoulder-height didn't leave any marks. Casual finger pokes into the hills didn't damage anything, but later I did carelessly thrust my thumb into the edge of a hill - and that left a small tear.

Out of four sets, only one hill piece had a manufacturing flaw. One end of one piece had a rough spot where it might have been scraped in the factory - no flock, and a different color. However, the area was small, and nobody else in my gaming group has commented on it.

All four sets on my dining room table

The hill pieces from all four sets provide a good amount of terrain, as you can judge from the above picture. Due to the height of most figures, it'll take at least two levels to make a line-of-sight-blocking hill - most figures (even Gretchin) are tall enough to look over a one-level hill.

We received four sets: