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The Americans

American Command
(3 unique figures)
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There are three figures in this pack, each quite unique:

    white-primed figure
  • Officer in Winter - Figure wearing thigh-length coat, pants, boots, helmet. Face is wrapped against the cold. Carrying rifle.

    Minor seam on pants crotch (not to be confused with the real pants seams), very minor seam on helmet, small "pit" near left armpit front, another pit in bottom of coat where right leg enters (very small, only can be seen from below). But in general, very good production quality.

    I really like the artistic design of this figure, as his pose - shoulders slightly crouched, stride slow and cautious - very much captures the right look.

    white-primed figure
  • Officer Pointing - With his left arm out stretched and his mouth open, the guy is clearing giving the orders. Wearing uniform, boots, helmet, canteen, possibly a holstered pistol on one hip, tab on right shoulder. Rifle in right arm.

    Face is a bit abstract - very sunken eyes, tiny nose - but gives the right effect. No seams or pits. Seems like something is very slightly off proportion, but can't decide if its the pointing arm, the head, or my eyes...

    Again, the posing is excellent - looks just like he's on the march, keeping his men in order. Very natural.

    white-primed figure
  • Officer with Pistol - Dressed same as last soldier. Tabs on both shoulders. Mouth open as if giving orders, pistol in right hand.

    Our sample had two seams on the helmet, easily treated. Very sunken eyes.

    This figure is a bit smaller than the others - not out of scale, within natural variation, just looks like a shorter fellow. The style in which the clothing is sculpted makes me wonder if this figure was done by the same sculptor as the others in this pack (it's not better or worse, just a wee bit different). Again, a dynamic pose which you can read your own story into - to me, this is a young guy, a bit insecure, but trying to keep his act together.

I'm very impressed with the posing on these figures - each is very individual, very natural looking.

23mm tall on average (feet to head)