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Corsairs and Zeros

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What with Bomber Stream and Red Sun, Blue Sky being published, the editor has been hankering to do some WWII aircraft miniatures. Particularly in the Pacific Theater. But I wasn't terribly familiar with the miniatures available in 1/285 or 1/300 scale, which was the scale I was thinking of doing.

Therefore, I picked up a few Corsairs and Zeros the last time I happened past a Simtac booth at a convention. Simtac produces the Collectair line in the United States; I believe the line is original with Scotia in the United Kingdom, but I'm not certain.

(Note: The editor has packed up all his reference books, so he can't check the planes against his sources until a later date.)

1/300 scale armor from Britain has the reputation in some circles of being inferior to U.S.-sculpted models, of being "rough lumps of metal" in the vague shape of the object being modeled. These samples from the Collectair line prove that reputation false once again. Even the Zero, though basic and a bit off true, is far from being one of the crudest models I've seen; and the Corsair is a good model suitable for the tabletop. I don't think any gamer should regret having either of these planes in his air fleet.