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Martial Artist with Sai Nunchaku

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CIA Games Inactive Member writes:

I've gotten to the point where I just darken in the socket and then paint a thin line of whatever color I'm using for the mid-tone on the flesh. Seems to work well, almost never needs touch up and doesn't make the figure look all googly eyed.
I used to spend too much time on eyes just to have them never look good or proportionate. As John OFM pointed out, if you were looking at a human at that distance in real life, you wouldn't see the whites and pupils.

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

I still can't paint female figures. Maybe it's a mental block, I don't know. Feel free to give me pointers...

Martial artist

My latest practice figure is Martial Artist with Sai Nunchaku, a RAFM figure no longer listed in their catalog. She's posed in mid-air, her skirt (?) flowing down to a convenient rock.

Martial artist

I tried to go with an Asian skin tone, and spent a lot of time playing around with highlights and inks... alas, she probably looks best at arm's length. grin

Martial artist

The clothes involve a lot of narrow straps, which took a lot of painting... and correcting... and correcting.

Martial artist

The face somehow ended up with a "glowing" effect around the eyes, which I decided to keep as it implied some kind of supernatural power. This close-up looks terrible, but I swear it looks better in person...

Martial artist

The original cast-on base had a few rocks, but was too narrow to be stable. I glued the figure down to a metal base, and added little rocks from a decorative rocks set I found at the local dollar store.

Martial artist

At least it's another figure I can use on the tabletop!