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Haifa Medium Tank (GEV)

Haifa Medium Tank (GEV)
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SFV 001
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side view of primed modelfront quarter view of primed model

This is an interesting design, with a "longish" turret mounted just in front of the centerline - again, the effect is not-quite-traditional. The front deck mounts headlights (?), and features raised arms around a central well where the driver's hatch is located. (Maybe not the most logical design - shot trap, anyone? - but it looks neat.) The rear deck is dominated by engine vents, and the hull is otherwise "clean" except for some small rectangular details (stowage boxes?) on the side, and more boxes on the rear hull. The turret features a main gun, smoke dischargers to both sides, blow-out panels at rear, a driver's hatch, and a circular "tower" (commander's hatch? sensor station?).

picture from manufacturer's online catalog

I trimmed away a small imperfection (2 seconds work) to get the turret to sit flush on the hull. There's a seam around the turret sides, which causes some minor problem on the front sides (should be easily trimmable). The seam on the hull sides is trickier, as its got some nubs and nicks associated with it, and it's in a hard place to clean up; in the same area is a little "fin" at the rear, which on my sample didn't get molded on one side. The hull seam problem is not a major flaw, just a minor one that's hard to fix.

Note: Brigade makes four variants on this design: anti-aircraft, artillery, armor recovery, and command vehicles.

26mm x 13mm x 9mm