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P FN/SLR Hat #3


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29 December 1999page first published

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left view

This figure is equipped with an FN/SLR and a bush hat.

The uniform shirt is elbow-length, and is either rolled up to the elbow or has visible cuffs. Lower arms and hands are bare. Boots come almost to knee-height, with loose uniform pants tucked into them. An outline on both upper thighs is probably a pocket. Although the legs are posed apart, the figure is cast with metal filling the gap. Figure's face is basic, with mouth open as if screaming.

right view

Figure is carrying a bedroll and a backpack, plus four pouches/objects and a grenade which hang from waist belt. Automatic rifle is held extended with butt in figure's stomach.

Some of our samples needed to have a bit of metal removed from the end and bottom of the gun barrels. A few knobs may need to be removed from the bottom of the base. The figure's crotch has an odd rectangular appearance, but this will scarcely be noticeable in play.

14mm tall from bottom of boots to top of hat.