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Grant Tank

Grant Tank
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the components

Five-piece model: hull, tracks (right and left), turret, and gun barrel (for sponson gun). Model measures 5.4 cm long x 2.5 cm wide x 3 cm high. There is a blanket roll on the right side of the engine deck. The model correctly depicts the vehicle's scheme: small turret with machinegun, and large hull-mounted main gun.

Assembly is straight-forward, except for two areas which might cause confusion:

  1. To tell "right" and "left" track pieces apart, simply make sure that the "spoked wheels" end up at the front of the vehicle.
  2. Since the track pieces are free to move forwards or backwards, there can be some confusion as to where they are "supposed to" go. (The front of the track should be flush with the front of the hull.)

Our sample did not have any fit problems. The track pieces have a slight seam running down the center of the tread, should be fixable. The main hull seam was barely visible, but had some flash on one side (looks fixable). The opening for the sponson gun needs minor clean-up, as there are burrs (from drilling the hole out?). The turret fits flat, though some filing of the "spacer ring" on the bottom will take away a slight tilt.

This model is impressively large and heavy next to the armored cars - and at nearly double the weight, it's amazing that the manufacturer has priced it the same as the cars.