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Basic Game: The Miniatures

Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game
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Sixteen pre-painted miniatures come with the boxed set: four "heroes" (party members) and a dozen monsters. Scale is unstated, but the "human"-sized figures vary from 28mm to 30mm from foot to top of the head. The figures are made of a "rubbery" plastic, which is stiff enough (and the weapons sculpted thick enough) that things like swords and spears don't curl (as some other pre-painted figures do...). Bases are soft plastic, with names on the bottom.

The Heroes (left to right): Lidda (Halfling Rogue), Regdar (Human Fighter), Eberk (Dwarf Cleric), and Aramil (Elf Sorcerer)

The four Heroes are the 1st-level player characters for whom character sheets are provided:

  • Lidda, Halfling Rogue - crouching, rapier in hand, shortbow on back. My sample has a "beard" (whoops! gotta watch those painters), but this is actually a female in leather and chainmail.
  • Regdar, Human Fighter - in plate with greatsword (bow on back). He's 30mm tall crouching - so more like 33mm scale...
  • Eberk, Dwarf Cleric - with warhammer, in blue plate armor. Like the others, doesn't match the character sheet illustration (which shows a blue robe - perhaps his casual wear?).
  • Aramil, Elf Sorcerer - casting spell, with longsword and bow (both sheathed).
Dire Rat (left) and Wolf Skeleton

Since this is a basic game, the monsters are - of course - of the less threatening kind. The Dire Rat has a worm-like tail, while the Wolf Skeleton has a separate "chain" around its neck.


Also among the smaller dangers are four Kobolds - two identical figures with crossbows, and two with spears. They stand about 15mm tall.

Troglodyte, Orc, and Skeleton

Getting into man-sized threats, there are five more monsters - a lizardly Troglodyte, a pair of identical, heavyset Orc Warriors, and a pair of Skeleton Warriors.

Black Dragon

Finally, there's the Black Dragon - largest figure in this set at 46mm tall, though small for a dragon.

Pre-painted figures on the color map tiles

The full assortment (and some color map tiles) allows starting players to experience their first D&D adventure entirely in miniature.