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Mighty Armies Wild Elf Spearmen

Wild Elves Army
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wizbangs writes:

@Sargonar- I think it is the unspoken fear of Games Workshop threatening law suits if one uses a name that they are using for an army; even if it didn't originate with GW in the first place.

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

Our friends at Old Guard Painters in Ukraine painted a double-army (two Mighty Armies boxed sets) of 15mm Wild Elves for us.

Wild Elves

These are the first figures from the armies to get based - the Wild Elf spearmen. (Basing done by myself, using the plastic Mighty Armies official bases.)

Wild Elf force

My painting instructions were simple: "Paint to match color scheme as shown on box."

Wild Elves

And some close-ups so you can see every detail...

Wild Elves (front close-up)

Wild Elves (back close-up)

The painting charge on these would be $3.95 USD per figure, plus shipping.

Wild Elves close-up

This army set was previously known as the Wild Elf Host when sold by Mongoose; the figures are now available from Rebel Minis as part of the Mighty Armies line, with a slightly different mix of figures (fewer spearmen in the new sets, probably more archers).