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Limited-Edition Figure from Assassin Miniaturen

Orin, Guardian of the Ring
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Sororitas Inactive Member writes:

Yeah, but they're sculpted by Stephen Niehaus, one of my favorites. They usually are not hard to get. the Convention ones are really hard, but mostly there is not much demand. I have a full set

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There's good news and bad news...

  • The good news is that this article profiles one of the figures from a lesser-known company - Assassin Miniaturen.
  • The bad news is that this particular miniature won't be available forever - you see, Assassin releases its figures in limited editions of a few hundred figures...

However, even if you may not be able to get this figure after it sells out, it'll give you some idea of what Assassin's products are like.

The Packaging

The clamshell pack

The figure arrived in a clear plastic clamshell-style pack. On top is a slip of paper identifying this as AS01-03, #14 out of 300 figures in this particular limited edition. Alas, there's no name on the packaging, but a glance at the company website tells me that this is Orin, Guardian of the Ring.

Within, resting on a piece of soft black foam, are the components:

  • metal slottabase
  • the figure
  • left hand (holding ring)
  • right hand (holding axe)

The Figure

The barbarian wears a belted loincloth, boots with fur cuffs, and bracers on each wrist. His right chest has a deep scar or wound.

Assembled figure

The casting is near-perfect, with seams that are mostly invisible.

Assembled figure (back)

The hand pieces have pins which fit into sockets on the wrists. The double-axe in the right hand has carved swirls on the head, and spiral bands on the haft. The left hand carries a ring - presumably magic?

Assembled figure with ring

After trimming excess metal, the parts fit easily.

Close-up of face

The figure measures 29mm from bottom of the feet to eye-level, and 32mm to top of the head.