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Expands the game to cover the U.S. 8th Air Force's daylight strategic bombing campaign over Europe (1942-44). Includes rules for air-to-air rockets, strategic bombing (pattern and precision), and heavy bombers (including optional crew rules). Bibliography provided.

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There are seven scenarios (as well as notes on creating your own):

Where There's Smoke (June 11, 1943)
Germans use smoke defense against American attack on the sub pens at Wilhelmshaven. Six B-17F's vs. four FW-190A-3's, flak, and smoke. Solitaire scenario.
First Blood (August 17, 1942)
VIII Bomber Command's first mission of the war - a twelve plane raid, assisted by a 6-plane decoy mission. Eighteen B-17's vs. two Me-110G2's, two FW-190A3's, and four Me-109G-6's.
Hamm - and Exit! (March 5, 1943)
After VIII Bomber Command's second Ruhr raid, the Germans intercept the withdrawing bombers. Special surrender rules apply. Fourteen B-17F's and two P-47B's vs. two Me-410A's, two Me-210A's, four FW-190A-3's, and two Me-110G-2's.
Striking the Reich (January 27, 1943)
VIII Bomber Command's initial daylight raid over Germany. Twelve B-17F's vs. two Me-110G-2's, two FW-190A-3's, and four Me-109G-6's. Clouds, rookie German pilots.

Striking the Reich scenario description

von Schnauze auf Schnauze (March 8th, 1943)
First B-24 raid of VIII Bomber Command. Nine B-24D's escorted by nine Spitfire VB's (flying high cover) vs. sixteen FW-190A-3's.
Enter the Thunderbolts (April 15, 1943)
Fighter sweep pitting eight P-47B Thunderbolts against eight FW-190A-3's.
A Muenster of a Raid! (October 10, 1943)
American bomber formations, left unescorted due to weather problems in England, are being slaughtered by German interceptors - but at last, Allied fighters arrive. Sixteen P-47B Thunderbolts protect ten B-17F's vs. eight FW-190A-3's, four Me-109G-6's, two Me-110G-2's, and two Me-410A's.

There is also a Campaign Game, in which a series of unscripted missions represent the course of the strategic air campaign. There are two versions - the Full Campaign, which covers 30 campaign turns and multiple missions per turn; and the Fast Campaign, which limits itself to 20 campaign turns and one mission per turn.

Data is provided for 22 Allied and 18 German aircraft

Allied Aircraft
P-38F LightningA-20C Havoc
P-38J LightningB-17E Fortress
P-47B RazorbackB-17F Fortress
P-47D ThunderboltB-17G Fortress
P-51B MustangYB-40 Fortress
P-51D MustangB-24D Liberator
Spitfire VBB-24J Liberator
Spitfire IXB-25C Mitchell
B-25J Mitchell
B-26A Marauder
B-26B Marauder
B-26C Marauder
C-46 Commando
C-47 Skytrain
German Aircraft
ME-109F FriederichJU-88C
ME-109G-6 GustavHE-177A-5 Greif
ME-109G-6/R2 GustavDO-335 Pfeil
ME-109G-6/R4 Gustav
ME-110G-2 Zerstorer
ME-110H-3 Zerstorer
FW-190A-3 Wurger
FW-190A-4/U3 Wurger
FW-190A-4/R6 Wurger
FW-190A-6/R1 Wurger
FW-190A-7/R6 Wurger
FW-190A-8/R2 Wurger
FW-190D-9 Dora-9
ME-410A Hornisse
Period Second World War, European Theater, Strategic Bombing Campaign, 1942-44
Contents 52-page rules booklet, including two reference cards

sample reference card B-17 data from reference card

Designer John F. Stanoch
Publisher First edition published 1996 by Simtac

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