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You can use this form to vote for your favorite company-level WWII rules. Vote as often as you like - however, only one vote is allowed per email account, so your latest vote will override all previous votes cast. Vote at least yearly, since all votes older than two years will be deleted from the database. The voting results are updated on at least a weekly basis.

Most of the questions below are not marked "required." This means that you don't have to answer them, but we hope that you will...as they allow us to discover such interesting facts as "most popular ruleset in the UK" or "most popular for club play." The form should be self-explanatory, but here are some instructions for those who might need them...

Your NameNot required, but makes it easier for you to find your battle report on the results pages (which is how you know your vote was processed).
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Your NationThe current list is made up of countries from which we've previously had hits at the website. If your nation isn't listed, please write it in.
Your State or ProvinceWe list states or provinces for Australia, Canada, and the USA. If your state or province is not listed, write it in. If you do not have a state or province, ignore this field. For Great Britain, please select England, Scotland or Wales.
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Your CityThe city or town where you live. (All of this location information is optional, but providing it allows you to help us reveal the favorite rules right down to your local county or town - and makes it easier to see the effects of your individual vote.)
Favorite RulesetPick one only. You can't split your vote.
Write-In VoteUse this only if your favorite is not listed above. Only "write in" your favorite fantasy rules - this is not the place to tell us about your favorite science fiction or historical rules. If you entered a vote and provide a write-in, the write-in vote will be ignored. If you provide neither a vote nor a write-in, your entry also will be ignored.
Which Rules Do You Regularly Play?Check all that apply.
Which Rules Have You Played At Least Once?Be honest, please - we mean played, not "read once" or "watched a game once" or "own a copy" or "I've heard about it" :-)
Your Usual Game Setting?Pick the one most common to you.
Years of WWII Miniatures Experience?How many years has it been since you played your first company-level engagement?
What Size Figures Do You Commonly Use
For WWII Company Gaming?
We only want to know what you use for this category - not what you use for your other gaming. Check all that apply.
What Armies Do You Field?One selection per army you own or use, please. For example, don't check "Italian" just because your happen to own one tankette - only check this if you have something you consider to be a ready-to-play Italian field unit.
Tell Us About Your Last WWII Company-Level GameRequired. This field allows us to flush out unqualified voters, such as someone who just stumbled onto the website and has never seen a mini in his life. Also, you can confirm that your vote was processed by seeing your battle report posted in the "Recent Battle Reports" areas. Feel free to add editorial comments about various rulesets, but these must come with a battle report, not instead of it.
Comments or Suggestions?Comments meant for the Editor, such as ideas for new questions, rules to add to the list, and so forth.
Your Name
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Your Nation
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Favorite Ruleset
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Write-In Vote
(if your favorite is not listed above)
Which Rules Do You Regularly Play?
(pick as many as apply)
Great Battles of World War II
Point of Attack (Piquet)
Which Rules Have You Played At Least Once?
(pick as many as apply)
Great Battles of World War II
Point of Attack (Piquet)
Your Usual Game Setting?
Years of WWII Gaming Experience?
What Size Figures Do You Commonly Use
For WWII Company Level?
(check all that apply)
6mm (including 1:285 and 1:300 scales)
25mm (including "large" 25/28/30mm)
Favorite Period of WWII
for Gaming (in this Category)?
(check all that apply)
Pre-1937 Asia (Japanese conquest of Manchuria, Chinese Civil War)
Pre-1939 Europe (Spanish Civil War, Italian conquest of Ethiopia, etc.)
1937-40 China (Japanese invasion)
1939 Mongolia (Russian/Japanese fighting)
1939 Polish Campaign
1939-40 Winter War (Russo-Finnish)
1940 Blitzkrieg (Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, etc.)
1940 Balkans (Italian offensive against Greece)
1940 Africa (Italian vs. British in North and East Africa)
1941 Balkans (German conquest of Yugoslavia and Greece)
1941 North Africa (German/Italian vs. British Commonwealth)
1941 Russia (German Barbarossa invasion)
1941-44 Continuation War (Russia vs. Finland)
1941-42 Southeast Asia (Malaya, Philippines, Java, etc.)
1941-45 Burma
1941-45 China
1941-45 Insurgency (Yugoslav guerillas, French Resistance, Soviet partisans, etc.)
1942 North Africa (American/British vs. German/Italians - Alamein, Torch, Kasserine Pass)
1942 South-West Pacific (New Guinea, Guadalcanal, etc.)
1942 Russia (Soviet Kharkov offensive, German Stalingrad campaign, Khakov counter-offensive, etc.)
1943 North Africa (Tunisia, Kasserine Pass, Sicily, etc.)
1943-45 Italy (Anzio, Monte Cassino, etc.)
1943 Russia (Kursk, Belgorod-Kharkov offensive, etc.)
1943 Pacific (Tarawa, New Georgia, Aleutians, etc.)
1943 South-West Pacific (MacArthur)
1944 Russia (Soviet offensives into Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, Hungary, Warsaw Uprising, etc.)
1944 France (Overlord, Normandy, Falaise, liberation of France)
1944 Sigfried Line (Market Garden, Hurtgen Forest, Antwerp, Bulge, etc.)
1944-45 Pacific (Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa)
1945 Eastern Front (Oder offensive, Berlin, etc.)
1945 Western Front (Rhine crossing, Colmar pocket, etc.)
1945 Manchuria (Soviet offensive)
What-If/Fantasy (English invasion, Malta landings, Japan invasion, etc.)
What Armies Do You Field?
(check all that apply)

One selection per army you use/own

Britain - Paratroops
British Commonwealth (India, South Africa, etc.)
Germany - Paratroops
Germany - S.S.
Soviet Union
Soviet Union - Guards
Spain - Nationalist
Spain - Republican
United States of America
United States of America - Paratroops
United States of America - Marines
Insurgents (partisans, guerillas, resistance)
Axis - Other
Allied - Other
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