TG-3 Tactical Naval Battle System

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Brief Description Designed as a fast-playing but historically accurate set of naval rules for surface engagements (no submarine or air combat rules). The rulebook includes data for 563 classes of ships from 19 countries - Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chili, China, Dutch, France, Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States. Comes with everything needed for play, except the miniatures.
Period 1890-1945
Scale Each figure represents a single ship. The ground scale is 4" = 1 mile. Time is broken down into Sequences representing 3 minutes 45 seconds of actual battle time. Intended for use with 1:2400 scale ships.
Basing Individual
Components of the complete game
Packet includes:
  • 48-page rulebook
  • 5 blank record sheets
  • turning templates and torpedo markers (must be cut out)
  • 6" protractor
  • 2 decks of ordinary playing cards
  • tape measure
  • one 6-sided die
Designer David J. Dougherty
Publisher Copyright 1983. Published by Panzerschiffe

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