SPEARHEAD: Rules Clarifications

The following material is not official unless otherwise noted. If you have questions (or different answers!) of your own, email them to us, and we'll get back to you. You should also check John Kovalic's rules errata list, which includes official rulings from the designer.

Q: Can only Tank Borne Infantry be transported by tanks? Rule 5.7.3 says that only tank borne infantry can remount, suggesting that regular infantry can mount but not remount. However, the tank mounting rules cover only tank borne infantry.

A: Our guess is that only tank borne infantry can be transported by tanks.

Q: Is movement for Close Combat done during the normal Movement Phase, or during the Close Combat Phase?

A: During normal movement. Only combat is performed during the Close Combat Phase.

Q: Can an off-board Reserve unit be given a Flanking March Order when committed, if not in excess of the total number of flank marches allowed?

A: Yes. Rule 3.4 says that "any of the above orders" may be issued to Reserve units.

Q: How do off-table artillery stands determine if targets are in range?

A: Given the long range of such stands, just assume they can hit anything on the tabletop.

Q: Rule 3..7.3 says that Flank Marching battalions "...may always enter along their own baseline edge without performing the Flank March die roll." Does this mean:

A: No, Yes, No.

Q: Rule 8.2 says that "Artillery pieces must use Direct Fire when targets are within Direct Fire range." What is Direct Fire range?

A: Minimum range. In other words, if a target is too close for indirect fire, then the artillery piece must use direct fire (or not attack at all).

Q: Rule 8.3, Ammunition Supply: Do smoke rounds count as artillery missions? Is ammunition counted separately for smoke and high explosive rounds?.

A: Smoke rounds count as missions. It is up to the scenario designer to decide whether to account for different rounds of ammunition.

Q: Rule 9.5 says that "Even if the Flak misses, it still exerts a 'modifying' effect upon the nerves of the pilot," yet the modifier table in Rule 9.4 indicates that the modifier applies simply due to the presence of the flak gun. Does this mean that the modifier applies even if the gun doesn't fire? Even if the gun is ineligible to fire, due to movement?.

A: Yes and yes. Even if the gun isn't firing enough to be significant in terms of shooting down the sortie, it is still an influence on the pilot.

Q: According to Rule 9.1, an aircraft sortie can have only one weapon load. Is this assigned pre-game, or at the time of attack?

A: Pre-game.

Q: In the Advanced Rules, it says that "Additionally, if the defeated Flanked Platoon is Dismounted, a roll of 4-6 can be made to capture the Platoon." Does the "additionally" mean that capturing only applies to flank attacks in close combat, or does it applies to any close combat? Why only Dismounted stands?

A: Yes, and we don't know.

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