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This supplement is a collection of new rules, aircraft data, campaign systems, and scenarios which bring the Red Sun/Blue Sky system to the Russian Front. Advanced rules cover aerial reconnaissance, strafing, tank busting, air-to-air ramming(!), and present a new anti-aircraft system. Bibliography included.

The included scenarios (3 solitaire, 6 standard) are:

Death From Above (September 23, 1941)
A dozen Stukas attempt to sink the Soviet battleship Marat, despite heavy AA fire in the harbor. Solitaire scenario.
The Hunter and the Hunted (July 8, 1943)
A pair of German pilots, armed with the new Henschel 129B-2 (an anti-tank variant), must break up an armored attack at Kursk. Solitaire scenario.
A Desperate Defense (October 20, 1941)
The road to Moscow is open, and brave VVS pilots must block a German advance. Five Shturmoviks escorted by six MiG-3s attack a German armored column. Solitaire scenario.
Victory in Death! (June 22, 1941)
Lt. D.V. Kokorev intercepted a Bf110c while flying an I-16 Rata, rammed the German plane, and lived to tell the story. Can you repeat his exploit?

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For One Bottle of Cognac (May 5, 1943)
A pair of German FW-190A-3's must escort an artillery spotter (Bf-110c) to a key Russian railroad bridge, and keep him alive long enough for him to direct long-range fire to knock out that bridge. Twelve Lagg-3's intercept.
Fire Over the Kuban (May 3, 1943)
Eight Bf-109G-6's intercept a Russian strike (ten Pe-2's, four Yak-3's, four La-5FN's).
Green Hearts Over the Ukraine (February 19, 1943)
JG 54 is acting as "fire brigade," and must send ten FW-190A-3's to intercept a Russian strike (seventeen Il2-M3's, twelve MiG-3's, eight P-39N's). Can the German squadron score their 4000th aerial kill in this battle?
Buffaloes of the North (August 18, 1942)
Finns flying eight F2A-3 Buffaloes intercept Soviet raiders (ten Pe-2's, twelve I-16's, four I-153BS's).
Manchurian Dogfight (June 22, 1939)
During the Soviet-Japanese border clashes in 1939, a fighter sweep of twelve Ki-27 Nates is intercepted by fifteen I-16 Ratas. Need Red Sun/Blue Sky to play.

There is also a 3-mission mini-campaign, Undaunted Courage. Pilots can apply bonuses earned in earlier missions to later ones. The missions are an attack on a German airfield in 1942, ground attack at Kursk in 1943, and a fighter sweep also at Kursk.

The full campaign game, Kursk at 5,000 Feet, follows the aerial battle over the southern arm of the Battle of Kursk for the first eight days. Players allocate aircraft to missions, and assign repair points to recover their damages. Battles are fought on five tactical boards. The Russians can begin play with a preemptive strike against the German airfields. A small unit of the Rumanan Air Force is represented by two IAR 80A fighters.

Data is provided for 28 German and 28 Soviet aircraft, and 32 ships.

Soviet Aircraft
I-15BIS ChatoIL2-M3 Shturmovik
I-153BS ChaikaAR-2
I-16 TIP 10 RataDB-3B
LAGG-3 GrobPE-2 Peshka
LA-5FN LavochkaPO-2VS
YAK-1B KrasavitsSB-2M Katyuska
YAK-1M KrasavitsTB-3/AM Ilya Muromets
PN-39N Kobra
P-40N Warhawk
P-63A King Cobra
German Aircraft
BF-109E EmilDO-17Z
BF-109F FriederichFW-200C/3 Condor
BF-109G-6 GustavHE-111H
BF-109G-6/R4 GustavHE-177A-1/R1 Grief
BF-110C ZerstorerHS-123
BF-110G-2 ZerstorerHS-129B-2/R2
BF-110H-3 ZerstorerHS-129B-3/WA
FW-190A-3 WurgerJU-52
FW-190F-3/R-3 WurgerJU-87B Stuka
I.A.R. 80AJU-87D/1 Stuka
JU-87D/7 Stuka
JU-87G/1 Panzerknacker
FI-156C-2 Storch
FW-189A Uhu
Period Second World War, Eastern Front, 1941-44
Contents 64-page rules booklet, plus four reference cards bound in booklet

sample reference card I-16 Rata data from reference card

Designer John F. Stanoch
Publisher First edition published 1997 by Simtac

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