Pratt's Rules For Naval Wargaming

The game is currently available from Dan Dorcey.

There was also a 1976 edition - Fletcher Pratt's Naval War Game - Original Text plus Updated Material - published by Z&M Enterprises.

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John Heasel (JohnVCP@aol.com)

Try to get a copy of Pratt's Rules for Naval Wargaming - I have a copy, but it may be out of print. He developed these rules, based on Fred Janes' Rules developed back around 1918, around 1938 or 1939. Designed to use small (1"1200 or 1:1250 scale) model warships.

Belonged to a Naval Wargamers club in New orleans (1963-1968) that used these. So did a club in Birmingham, Alabama. I got my copy of these rules from the Chicago Naval Wargamers around 1963. They work really well and a version was used by the Naval War College for many years before computers - as did most navies (England, Japan, etc.).

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