Drop Zone

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Brief Description

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The book contains:

  • an introduction to airborne operations (4 pages)
  • organization charts for German, British, Italian, and American airborne divisions (2 pages)
  • Great Battles of World War II system rules and charts (12 pages)
  • Special rules for airborne operations: new card-based activation system, plus rules for air landings and air supply (2 pages)
  • 4-page pull-out (game charts, plus sheet of markers to be photocopied and cut out)
  • Crete Scenarios
    • Crete background (2 pages)
    • Galatas Scenario (2 pages)
    • Retimo Scenario (2 pages)
    • Heraklion Scenario (2 pages)
    • Maleme Scenario (3 pages)
    • Operation Mercury [Crete campaign rules] (5 pages)
  • Malta Scenario
    • Malta background (1 page)
    • Malta Scenario (4 pages)
  • D-Day Scenario
    • D-Day and Pegasus Bridge background (1 page)
    • Pegasus Bridge Solo Scenario (4 pages)
  • Market Garden
    • Operation Market Garden background (1 page)
    • Eindhoven Scenario (4 pages)
    • Nijmegen Scenario (4 pages)
    • Arnhem Scenario (4 pages)
    • Grand Campaign Scenario (7 pages)

The campaign game rules allow each scenario to be played sequentially, rather than simultaneously.

Period World War II airborne operations
Contents 72-page book
Designer Bruce McFarlane

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Online Resources

Great Battles of World War II: Volume 2, Drop Zone
Publisher's webpage for Volume II in the series. Includes sample scenario and campaign maps, plus the book's introduction is available online.
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