2nd Edition Rules Clarifications

This web page exists to answer rules questions for players of Command at Sea. Answers which are official (that is, direct from the publisher or the designer) are marked like this OFFICIAL; other answers are the best guesses of staffers here at THE MINIATURES PAGE

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Annex A
Leander First GroupOFFICIAL Change MkVII 6 inch guns to MkXXIII 6 inch guns.
OFFICIALThe US Bristol-class DD should be carrying Mk14 torpedoes
Annex B
Beaufighter XOFFICIAL Change defensive armament to 1 .303 Vickers K in manual dorsal turret.
Martlet I, II, IVOFFICIAL Change the Damage Value from 6 to 8.
F4F-7 WildcatOFFICIAL Change the Damage Value from 6 to 8.
F4U-1D CorsairOFFICIAL Change the Damage Value from 6 to 8.
Annex E1
OFFICIALBecause of the poor design of British submarine fire control systems, although they can fire the Mk8 torpedo, they cannot set it with any gyro angle off dead ahead. The Mk8 was capable of accepting such settings, but the fire control systems were incapable of setting the weapon. This applies to all WWII British submarines.
OFFICIALThe US Mk14's range/speed settings are mixed up. The correct values are 5000 yards at 46 knots and 9800 yards at 32 knots.
Scenario Booklet
Force ZOFFICIAL Repulse took the hit from the initial pass by the high-level bombers
Battle of the Java SeaOFFICIAL HMAS Hobart was a Perth class. Exeter took a boiler room hit rather than a magazine hit.
Battle of the Sunda StraitOFFICIAL Perth led the way. Capt. H.A.L. Waller was senior to Houston's Capt A.H. Brooks
The Loss of the WaspOFFICIAL USS Duncan (Benson-Livermore class) should be added to TF-17.
Battle of GuadalcanalOFFICIAL Juneau was the other cruiser in TF 76.4 that had SG radar.
Thanks to Jay Martino, Jim Broshot, Evan Duncan, and Dan Foxman, Bernard Thomas, and Bill Armintrout

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