The Canadians in Europe

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Brief Description

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The book contains:

  • introduction (1 page)
  • description of the Canadian Army, including its history in the First World War and a discussion of tactics in WWII (10 pages)
  • discussion of German tactics (2 pages)
  • Canadian and German unit organizations, including charts for a German infantry division and Canadian armoured and infantry divisions (2 pages)
  • Great Battles of World War II system rules and charts (12 pages)
  • 4-page pull-out (game charts, plus sheet of markers to be photocopied and cut out)
    counter sheet
  • battle report (replay of Agira scenario, 3 pages)
  • designer's notes (2 pages)
  • Scenarios (including historical background)
    • Operation Jubilee - The Raid on Dieppe (8 pages)
    • Sicily and Italy (overview, 2 pages)
      • Agira (2 pages)
        Agira scenario Agira scenario
      • Ortona (4 pages)
    • Northwest Europe (overview, 2 pages)
      • Operation Overlord - Juno Beach (solo scenario, 6 pages)
      • Totalize I (3 pages)
      • Totalize II (3 pages)
      • Tractable (3 pages)
      • Totalize and Tractable Combination Scenario (3 pages)
      • Hochwald Layback (3 pages)
        Hochwald Layback map
Period World War II, European Theater
Contents 76-page book
Designer Bruce McFarlane

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Online Resources

Publisher's Website
Publisher's webpage for Volume I in the series. Includes two excerpts from the rulebook: the introduction and the designer's notes.

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