Review Notes

The following factors about Battalions In Crisis! are important, but are not usually covered in game reviews:

In combination with playability, our other goal was to make a historically accurate simulation. We have a number of active and retired military people who say that the game provides a good simulation. One particularly important aspect is the use of artillery. Most games cannot simulate the effects of artillery, but our game does this very well, and with a simple-to-use method.

Battalions In Crisis! emphasizes combined arms. Infantry is a major part of combined arms. Neither our rules nor our scenarios are oriented towards just tank battles. Some of our scenarios have no tanks. Also, you will not find our scenarios with tanks fighting wheel hub to wheel hub across the width of the tabletop. Finally, since the scale is one to one, real terrain and facing become important. A building is a building, not a village, and a vehicle or figure is one tank or man. This makes for a more realistic use of equipment and terrain features.

Our current plans include the publication of a quarterly magazine called Combat Simulation. The first issue will be published in September 1994. Our next module will be a detailed look at the battles in the 1939-1940 period. This module is tentatively scheduled for release in March 1995.

- Michael E. Kelly, president of Phoenix Military Simulations

I have included a photo of a game played at a convention. The Italians are attacking a unit of the 82nd Airborne Division, blocking the road to Gela, a seaport in Sicily.

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