Chris Salander of the South Bay Gaming Club (Cupertino, CA) writes:

Attention, Aviators!

Stan Kubiak of San Francisco has bought the rights for the WWI air combat rules Aerodrome from Winston Johnson, and is now republishing them. He is selling Aerodrome v1.1 for US$15. You can reach him at:

Stan Kubiak
P. O. Box 190381
San Francisco, CA   94119-0381

The 1.1 version is primarily the original rules. Differences are:

  1. Reprinted on A size, with larger, darker print.
  2. More diagrams and examples.
  3. Scenarios.
  4. Corrections and some new planes.

Stan is also gathering up collections of the original cockpits. He has a minimum set he will use for "tours" but he may sell the rest. He also hopes to arrange to manufacture new ones. He is arranging to buy and resell movements in quantity.

He is also working on Aerodrome II, which will include many more airplanes, balloons, more scenarios, advanced rules, and a campaign system.

If you want to contribute to these new rules, or get another control panel, or whatever, send Stan a note!

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