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Rules designed for skirmish actions ("Ambuscades, Skirmishes, Rencounters, Affrays and Divers Small Actions... where derring do and turns of fate loom large, where the confusion, mischance, and surprise of such actions are represented in an entertaining fashion..."), with an emphasis on playability. (Rencounter comes from the French word rencontre, and is an obsolete form of the English word encounter, with the specific meaning of a duel or skirmish.) Intended for battles using up to ten units per side, with 4-10 figures per unit.

Period Universal (Ancients through 19th Century)
Ground Scale One inch is four scale yards
Time Scale One turn is approximately 5 seconds
Figure Scale One model is one man
Miniature Scales"We have used both 15mm and 25mm. Advantage to 25mm is more character in the figures. Advantage to 15mm is in mapping very close to 1:1 with the 4 yards-per-inch ground scale. We tend to play in the genres for which I have 25mm figures more often, so I guess 25mm has a bit of an edge. If you have a really big table, or a very close-in scenario that doesn't need much space, 25mm and doubled ground scale would be perfect. For 54 mm, double movement distances and ranges if on a table, quadruple and go close to ground scale if in the backyard."
BasingIndividual. "Mostly on 3/4" or 1" circles (fender washers or Remington retaining disks) for 25mm, or 1/2" square bases for 15mm. But any single basing will do."
Contents Rules webpage plus Quick Reference Sheet webpage
Designer Ed Allen (allen@genome.Stanford.EDU)
Publisher Self-published on the Web

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Damn fine set of universal rules, the heart of which is an "action check" made by activated units to see if they act or hesitate/fumble/whatever you imagine. In our fantasy games, this has led to all kinds of interesting moments - from goblins who spent 3 turns arguing, to mages struggling to control magical forces.

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Online Resources

Check the Rencounter website for army lists and scenarios, as well as the latest version of the rules.

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