Fire, Hack & Run

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According to the FGU catalog: "Universal skirmish rules for all periods up to the 1880's, including fantasy. Fast and playable, includes all the detail to cover any situations in a small scale action. Also perfect for Western gunfights." Game uses 2d6. Characters have "Melee" and "Firing" as their only two abilities, each graded randomly on 2d6. Turns are by written orders, with action taking place simultaneously.

Period Ancients through 19th Century, and Fantasy
Ground Scale 1 cm = 1 yard
Time Scale 1 phase = 1 to 15 seconds
Figure Scale Each figure represents an individual combatant
Miniature Scales Intended for use with 25mm figures
Basing Individual
  • 20+ page booklet (cover is blue with white lettering, the drawings on the "shield" in the middle are blue lines on white background)
  • cardboard character sheet with the statistics for gaming (firing & melee, weapons used)
  • cardboard character sheet describing the character (hair color, rank in what army, age, etc.)
Designer Mike Gilbert
Publisher First edition published 1979 by Fantasy Games Unlimited

What You Think

Ron Pehr (raven@wizard.com)

This came out at a time when RPGs were extremely popular, and I looked at it as a potential RPG. But the randomness of the two characteristics (fire & melee ability), plus the fact that they would soon max out in a few games if you kept the character in any sort of regular RPG campaign, didn't lend itself to this.

It seemed to lend itself to rapid resolution of skirmishes within larger games, such as Space 1889 (the board/miniatures game of the ship-to-ship combat, not the RPG) where the main thrust was the ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions were resolved by a simple D6 roll. The somewhat more sophisticated contingency resolution of Fire, Hack & Run was more entertaining.

The major drawbacks to the system were the use of unending charts, and the extreme randomness of the damage die rolls for fire combat.

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