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Brief Description A starship combat game featuring vector movement. Combatants are starships and space fighters. The booklet includes nearly 50 pre-designed ships, plus rules for designing your own. There are sixteen scenarios.
Period The interstellar naval battles of the mid-22nd century
Scale Tactical. Ground scale is 1" = 1,000 km. One combat round = 10 seconds. Each figure represents an individual starship. The designer suggests using ships available from I.C.E., FASA, or Games Workshop.
Basing None required, though the designer recommends the use of hexagonal stands.
Contents 32-page rulebook
Designer Charles Oines
Publisher Copyright 1993,4 by Charles Oines. Published by Nightshift Games

What You Think

Jay Adan (, one of the game's playtesters, writes:

Voidstriker is a nice, inexpensive, semi-realistic-feeling ship combat game. It has its own background but doesn't need to be used in that setting.

One of the problems with this game was the lack of suggestions for ship scales. The way firing works for direct-fire type weapons, it would be much easier to hit something big than something small (in real size) and yet there are no suggested sizes for different ship classes.

Another problem is that of bookkeeping. Even with a small battle you are likely to have lots of missiles flying about by the forth or fifth turn. Because missiles are effectively really small fighters that go real fast, it takes a while for them to get to the target. The whole time you must keep track of where they are and where they have been (it's a two-counter system for movement). This means that the game starts to slow down with each missile launched.

On the upside, the game feels good. If you want something that isn't just atmospheric aircraft battles on a black map, you might like this one. It also has a nice ship building system that got lots of playtesting. It also is based (at least loosely) on real life technology. Kinda like 2300 AD.

Overall, I would say that it is worth a look for any serious fan of space combat. It ain't Full Thrust, but there is always room for one more rulebook on the shelf.

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