Star Blazers Technical Manual and Warship Recognition Guide

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Brief Description This volume is the first English language reference work to catalog the spacecraft and weapon systems from the Star Blazers television series and films. Additional material provides background from a military perspective, including fleet formations and historical material.

The book is divided into three sections, dealing with the Gamilon Empire, the White Comet Empire, and Earth Defense Forces. Each section includes maps, history, fleet structure charts, fleet orders of battle, technical descriptions of weapons and propulsion systems, and explanations of tactical doctrine. This textual material is followed by extensive listings of ships, battlecraft [fighters], bases, ground units, and weapon systems. The presentation focuses on the space battle fleets, though some information about ground forces is also provided.

EDF organization chart Gamilon tactics illustrated

A two-page spread is dedicated to each major warship class, listing launch date, dimensions, mass, crew size, weapons and/or vessels carried, and a brief description. Three views (top, side, and front) are given, with major features labeled.

warship listing warship weapons identification

This book is intended to be of interest to any Star Blazers fans, regardless of whether they play the Star Blazers Fleet Battle System. However, the additional historical background, orders of battle, and tactical essays are all useful expansions for gamers.

Contents 216-page softcover book
Author Keith A. Johannsen
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Musashi Enterprises

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