Space Dreadnought 3000

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Fleet-level space combat system, designed to allow players to stage multiple combats between large fleets in a short period of time. The playing field consists of several large hexagons (construction guidelines provided), with combat taking place between fleets in the same hex. Record keeping is minimal, and no measurement is required. Can be played with miniatures or counters. Background is provided for six races, including fleet lists and photos of selected models.

A campaign game adds a further dimension to play, as players strive to control supply planets and protect naval bases. Booklet includes painting tips, record sheets, markers (must be photocopied), and optional rules.

Period the Third Millennium, as six rival powers battle for the role of Guardian for the 7th Sector of the Galaxy
Ground Scale In the tactical game, one hexagon represents a navigation point within a "star centre." In the strategic game, each space represents one star centre.
Time Scale not stated
Figure Scale 1 model = 1 ship or a "large number" of fighters
Miniature ScalesFlexible.

Vargan baseship on patrol, from Space Dreadnought 3000 product line

The rules are designed for use with Kallistra's 1/3000 scale Space Dreadnought 3000 starships (and 1/600 scale fighters), but "You can use any spaceship models to represent the different vessels and powers engaged in a battle, so long as the ship codes are clearly displayed on their bases."

Basing Individual (fighters may be based individually or as swarms)
Contents 48-page rules booklet
Designer Paul Kerrison
Publisher First printing 1999 by Kallistra Limited.

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