Squadron Commander 3600

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This game is a space fighter boardgame for which custom miniatures are available. Players can design their own fighters or use pre-designed plans. Weapons include lasers, cannons and missiles; defenses are armor and shields. Fighters move in an order determined by their tactics and the pilot's skill level, and firing can take place during movement. Damage results in critical hits, which limit or eliminate ship systems or wear the starcraft down until structure failure occurs. Rules allow players to form squadrons, then fight a series of individual battles or a linked campaign. Background material (optional) details six human empires and one alien power.

Period 3600 A.D., a time when fragmented human empires first come into contact with an alien menace (the Vallarri).
Scale Tactical. Time and distance scales unstated. Each model represents an individual spacecraft. Although an official set of miniatures is available (from Brigade Models), these rules are suitable for use with any space fighter models of appropriate size.
Basing Individual
  • 56-page rulebook (includes record forms)
    fighter record form
  • four 11" x 17" mapsheets (black with hexgrid)
  • two countersheets (counters must be cut out)
    first countersheet second countersheet
Designers Patrick Doyle, Michael Tastsides, Doug Glover
Publisher First edition published 1997 by Mariner Games

A detailed description of the game is also available.

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