Ogre Miniatures

Brief Description Miniatures adaptation of a classic science fiction boardgame. Giant cybernetic war machines (Ogres) fight with and against tanks, hovercraft, and powersuited infantry. Intended to be fast-moving and easy to learn.
Period The 21st-century battlefield
Scale Tactical. Ground scale is normally 2" = 1 mile. Vertical scale is exaggerated by a factor of 100. Each turn represents 4 minutes of combat. Each figure represents an individual vehicle or infantry squad. Official Ogre figures were once available from Ral Partha, but have been discontinued.
Basing Individual for vehicles; 1-3 figures per infantry base.
Contents 64-page rulebook, reference card, diecut templates and markers
Designer Steve Jackson
Publisher First edition published 1992 by Steve Jackson Games

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Online Resources

The Official Ogre Website
Steve Jackson Games' support page for all games in the Ogre series. Links to the official miniatures page, with scenarios and optional rules. Also links to a support page, giving information on Ogre mailing lists and forums.
Ogre Macrotures
Who makes the big Ogre "macrotures," and why you can't buy them...
Winchell Chung's Ogre Art Page
The original OGRE artist tells his story.

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