Lightning Strike

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The "cinematic fleet combat rules" for the Jovian Chronicles line of role-playing products, in which major warships - supported by mecha (exo-armors), space fighters, and space infantry - engage in star battles. Rules progress from the Quick-Start Rules (exo-armor only), to the Basic Game (adding fighters and infantry), then adding warships, and finally to the Advanced Game (with player-selected optional rules). Includes a campaign game in which two fleets spar over a remote part of the Solar System, with rules for strategy, repair, and reinforcements. Can be played with miniatures (not yet released) or with the fold-up counters provided.

Period Science Fiction - the Jovian Chronicles universe
Ground Scale 1 cm = 500 meters
Time Scale 1 turn = 30 seconds
Figure Scale 1 model = 1 unit (exo-armors, fighters, warships)
1 stand = 1 squad (infantry and exo-suits)
Miniature Scales"The scales of the counters and miniatures themselves are rather abstract; if they were actually in scale with the playing field, they would be practically microscopic!"

"Game miniatures from Dream Pod 9 may be available in the future to create more exciting and attractive tabletop battles."
Basing Individual
  • 64-page rules booklet
  • 16-page "Quick Start Rules" booklet
    Quick Start booklet
  • 6 full-color counter sheets (must be cut apart and folded)
    counter sheet 1  counter sheet 2  counter sheet 3  counter sheet 4  counter sheet 5  counter sheet 6
Designer Wunji Lau
Publisher First printing 1999 by Dream Pod 9.

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