Heavy Gear

Brief Description Science fiction game which can be used as a roleplaying game and/or a tabletop tactical combat game. The basic game is played using counters on a hexgrid, but optional rules detail the use of miniatures without a hexgrid. The rulebook covers land warfare only (air and space combat are in the supplements). The book includes vehicle construction rules, army lists, and a weapons guide.
Period 4,000 years in the future
Scale Tactical. Depending on their needs, players can choose between four different ground scales (from roughly 1" = 80 feet to 1" = 8 feet). One combat round = 30 seconds. Each figure represents an individual combatant. The official Heavy Gear figures (available from the publisher) are 1/144 scale. (The "old" official figures, from RAFM, were 1/87 scale.)
Basing None
Contents 256-page rulebook
Designers Jean Carrières, Jeff Fortier, Gene Marcil, Stephane I. Matis, Martin Ouellette, Pierre Ouellette, Marc A. Vèzina
Publisher First edition published 1995 by Dream Pod 9

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