Dark Passage

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A set of rules tailored specifically to handle "indoors," corridor-based combat. Characters are rated by Awareness Level, Option Points (OP's) available, and skill levels, then loaded with weapons and equipment. During each Phase, characters activate in Awareness order, spending their OP's to move, attack, or manipulate their environment. As characters take damage, their Awareness and available OP's are degraded so they can do less and less.

An extensive sample scenario, Rat Catcher (corporation special forces vs. high-tech kidnappers), illustrates how scenarios are designed. The book's binding allows it to lie flat, with all combat tables displayed on one pagespread. These stand-alone rules can be used in conjunction with the other modules in the Dropwing game system. The rules were designed for use with Ainsty Casting's Space Corridor terrain sets, but can be used with any terrain, or with hand-drawn maps.

Period Generic
Ground ScaleIn order to keep the game flexible, measurements are made in terms of MU's (measurement units). By changing the size of an MU, players can scale the game to work with any scale of figures.
Time Scale not stated, but probably 1 turn = 10-15 seconds
(since 1 Option Point = 1 second's work for an average character)
Figure Scale 1 model = 1 combatant
Miniature Scales Any (see Ground Scale, above)
Basing Individual
Contents 38-page rules booklet, with plastic spiral binding and laminated covers
Designer Steve Winter
Publisher First printing February 1999 by Dropwing Game Systems.

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9 November 1999page first published
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