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Skirmish-level science fiction combat game between corporate troopers and street gangs, with robots thrown in for good measure. Forces are created using a points system, organizing units (squads or gangs) out of fighters, leaders, and heroes, paying for fighting quality, weapons, and armour.

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The heart of the turn sequence is the Action Phase, when players alternate taking moves with their squads/gangs. During a unit's move, each figure can expend Action Points in order to move, turn, handle objects, fire weapons (single shot or burst fire), or engage in hand to hand fighting.

Ranged combat begins with a die roll (once per shot) to see if hits were scored, with modifiers applying due to firer's quality and the target's situation. If a hit occurs, a Wound roll is made (determined by the weapon type), modified by armour, situation, and nature of the target. In close combat, dice are rolled for both figures, modified by troop type and quality, weapon, and situation - high roller gets to make a Wound roll versus his enemy. As a result of a Wound roll, a figure is either eliminated or receives a morale result (panic or rout).

The rules also cover compulsory actions (due to poor morale), thirteen varieties of guns (from pistols and rifles to autocannons and grenade launchers), missiles and grenades, smoke, and basic rules for combat machines/robots (detailed rules to follow in a supplement).

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The rulebook concludes with three scenarios which form a mini-campaign: the Rippers must defend their turf from Bionetica, an encroaching corporation.

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Period 21st Century - Corporations vs. Street Gangs
Ground Scale Unstated
Time Scale Unstated
Figure Scale Each figure represents a single combatant
Miniature ScalesIntended for use with 25mm figures (figures included)
Contents Boxed set includes:
  • 32-page rules booklet
  • rules reference sheet
    quick reference sheet
  • 2-page beginners guide
    beginners guide
  • pad of roster sheets
    roster sheets pad
  • markers and templates sheet (diecut)
    markers sheet
  • two (duplicate) sheets of double-sided, diecut walls
    sheet of diecut walls
  • thirty 25mm scale plastic miniatures, sculpted by Bob Naismith. The parts (body, head/torso, arms, backpack) can be combined in any combination.
    • 10 corporate troopers (5 of each part, two complete sets)
    • 15 gang members (5 of each part, three complete sets)
    • 5 large robots
    • black hexagonal slotted bases
  • dice (four each of 4-sided, 6-sided, and 8-sided)
Designers Robin Dear, Derek Mugridge
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Paladin Publishing

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Includes synopsis of the background, a description of the game's contents, and an overview of the rules.

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