Wargames Rules For Fifteenth To Seventeenth Centuries (1420-1700)

Brief Description Derived originally from the Wargames Research Group Ancient Rules.
Period Renaissance (1420-1700)
Scale For 25 mm figures. 1 inch = 10 paces (25mm scale), 20 paces (15mm), or 40 paces (6mm). 1 figure = 20 men.
Close Order Foot 15 mm frontage
Open Order Foot 20 mm
Open Order Foot 30 mm
Close Order Horse 20 mm
Order Horse 25 mm
Open Order Horse 30 mm
Contents 52 pages. Quick reference card
Designer George Gush
Publisher Second edition (1979) by Wargames Research Group.

What Players Think

David Heading ( writes:

These give a fairly straightforward game. Probably the most popular Renaissance rules.

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