Once Upon A Time In The West Country

Brief Description Simple skirmish rules for the English Civil War. Troops are raw, trained, or veteran, and have a few skills (such as fire-combat experts, etc.). Cavalry, infantry, and artillery are catered for. Includes 2 scenarios. The rules suggest no more than 6 figures per player.
Period English Civil War (1640-1660) [although they could be used for almost any Renaissance-period skirmish game with little modification]
Scale There is no fixed time or ground scale. Designed for 1 figure = 1 man, using 25mm figures.
Basing Individual
Contents 27 A5 pages. Quick reference sheet
Designer Pete Berry
Publisher 1992 edition by Partizan Press.

What You Think

David Heading ( writes:

The game is consciously fast and fun. Combat is handled by simple dice rolls, so this is not for the duelling enthusiast. The game is not role playing, and that was the design aim. The only personalisation of the figures is in the raw/trained/veteran rating.

Within the parameters of a simple game, it is as realistic as can be expected. At least, my section of 2 officers and 8 musketeers got severely chopped up by 4 cavalry, whicih is about right. There are optional rules for using pike blocks, but I've not used them yet.

For a fast skirmish game -- say, 3 players and 18 figure a side -- this is the one. Further detail can be added by using Once Upon a Time in the West Indies, which does have character classes. For a role-play game, you should look to Flashing Blades.

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Once Upon A Time In The West Indies

Published 1992.

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