Form Line of Battle

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No longer in print
Brief Description A fast play set of rules with particular emphasis on the Napoleonic War.
Period 1750 to 1820
Scale One centimetre equals 100 feet. One turn equals five minutes. Intended for use with 1/1200 scale miniatures.
Basing Models are mounted on rectangular card bases, which should exceed the external dimensions of the models by about 1 centimetre
Contents unknown
Designer David Manley ( and Robin Peck

Published 1995 by Felix Enterprises

(Originally published by Hard Cover Designs in the mid-1980s, these rules have been revised and rewritten by the original author, Robin Peck, and David Manley. Many new sections were added to broaden the scope of the rules, from fleet actions out to encompass the whole range of naval activity in the Age of Sail.)

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Online Resources

Designer's Website
Includes optional rules.
Form Line of Battle at Alan Saunders' Website
Includes review, optional rules, and a few scenarios.
Steffan O'Sullivan's Review of 1987 Edition
Description of the game, with hearty endorsement.

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