Clear for Action

Brief Description Computer-moderated rules for naval combat.
Period American Revolution through Napoleonic Wars
Scale unknown
Basing Individual
Contents Box contains:
  • game diskette
  • manual (90+ pages)
  • laminated summary sheet
Designer Malcom Smalley
Publisher We're not sure. We do know the game is available from Langton Miniatures in England, and sold in the United States by Campaign Headquarters.

What You Think

Kai Larson (
For single ship frigate duels and actions with no more than 2 ships per side, I would highly recommend Clear for Action.

This is a great set of rules for frigate duels especially, because the sailing and gunnery and other aspects of the game are dealt with in a level of detail that wouldn't be possible in a paper and pencil miniatures game. The computer takes care of all the number crunching and you can play a fast moving game that is also very detailed.

With more than a couple of ships a side, however, my experience has been that the need to input orders and (this is the real bottleneck) check on ship status using a computer tends to slow the game down more than I would like.

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