Harpoon Naval Review '97



This book contains new information, new scenarios, and new data forms for Harpoon, current as of Spring '97. Future volumes of the Harpoon Naval Review are planned every two years.

The background articles are:

Twilight of the Millennium
Scenario ideas for the late 20th Century.
Dark Blue Skies
Future development of the Royal Navy (UK).
The Indian Navy - A Navy for the Indian Ocean?
Future development of the Indian Navy.
A Fleet for the 21st Century
Future development of the U.S. Navy.

Also included is rules errata for Harpoon.

These scenarios are presented:

Dire Straits
Loosely based on Larry Bond's novel, Cauldron. During a future war pitting France and Germany vs. the U.S. and the U.K., a convoy must get through the Baltic.
Encounters in the Aegean
Scenario generator for conflicts between Greece and Turkey
sample page
Operation Cyclone
British task force must escape from Indian waters after rescuing hostages.
Konfrontasi - The Indonesian Confrontation, 1963-1966
Indonesian "volunteers" attempt to land on the Malay peninsula, despite British patrols.
Disputed Territory
Mini-campaign between Indonesia and Australia, fought on fictional map.

The book includes these forms:

  • Brisbane DDG (US C.F. Adams Class, Australia)
  • Swan FF (River Class, Australia)
  • Canberra FFG (US Oliver Perry Class, Australia)
  • Whyalla PG (Freemantle Class, Australia)
  • Otama SS (UK Oberon Class, Australia)
  • U-24 SS (Type 206 Class, Germany)
  • Puma PGG (Type 143A Class, Germany)
  • Kimon DDG (US C.F. Adams Class, Greece)
  • Hydra FF (MEKO 200 Mk3 Class, Greece)
  • Elli FF (Ex-Netherlands Kortenaer Class, Greece)
  • Ipiros FF (Ex-US Knox Class, Greece)
  • Antipliarchos Lascos PGH (Combattante IIIN Class, Greece)
  • Opinoussai LST (Ex-US Terrenbone Parish Class, Greece)
  • Ranjit DDG (Russia Kashin II Class, India)
  • Taragiri FF (UK Leander Class, India)
  • Vijaydurg PGG (Russia Nanuchka II Class, India)
  • Abhay PG (Russia Pauk II Class, India)
  • Nipat PTG (Russia Tarantul I Class, India)
  • Nala FFL (Mod Fatahillah Class, Indonesia)
  • Ahmed Yani FF (Ex-Netherlands Van Spejk Class, Indonesia)
  • Martha Khristina FF (Ex-UK Tribal Class, Indonesia)
  • Sutedi Senoputra FFL (Ex-DDR Parchim I Class, Indonesia)
  • Mandau PGM (PSK Mk5 Class, Indonesia)
  • Cakra SS (Type 209/1300 Class, Indonesia)
  • Teluk Langsa LST (Ex-USA LST-542 Class, Indonesia)
  • Silwanga DD (Ex-USSR Skoryy Class, Indonesia)
  • Kurat FF (Ex-USSR Riga Class, Indonesia)
  • Tohok PC (Ex-USSR Kronstadt Class, Indonesia)
  • Anoa PT (FRG Jaguar Class, Indonesia)
  • Angin Badai PT (USSR P-6 Class, Indonesia)
  • Surotama PTG (Ex-USSR Komar Class, Indonesia)
  • Yucetepe DD (Ex-US Gearing FRAM I Class, Turkey)
  • Alcitepe DD (Ex-US Carpenter Class, Turkey)
  • Berk FF (Berk Class, Turkey)
  • Yavuz FF (MEKO 200 Class, Turkey)
  • Barbaros FF (MEKO 200 Tn Track II Class, Turkey)
  • Muavenet FF (Ex-US Knox Class, Turkey)
  • Dogan PGG (German FPB 57 Class, Turkey)
  • Ertrugal LST (Ex-US Terrenbone Parish Class, Turkey)
  • London DDG (County Class, UK)
  • Ajax FF (Leander Class, UK)
  • Chichester FF (Type 61 Class, UK)
  • Jaguar FF (Type 41 Class, UK)
  • Fiskerton MHC (Ton Class, UK)
  • Merchant (Generic Merchant Ship, Various)
  • Container Ship (Generic Merchant Ship, Various)
  • AF/A-18A Hornet (Fighter, Australia)
  • F-111C (Attack, Australia)
  • P-3C Orion (ASW Patrol, Australia)
  • SH-70B Seahawk (ASW Patrol, Australia)
  • A-4E Skyhawk (Attack, Indonesia)
  • F-5E Tiger II (Fighter, Indonesia)
  • F-16A Falcon (Fighter, Indonesia)
  • Wasp HAS.1 (ASW, Indonesia)
  • AB 212 (ASW Patrol, Italy)
Contents 96-page book
Designer Dave Schueler (daveshoe@aol.com)
Publisher Published 1997 by Clash of Arms

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