Fox Two!

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No longer in print.
Brief Description A fast play set of modern dogfight rules, designed with an emphasis on being both fun and realistic, to create the appropriate feel of the period. Included scenarios: Training Flight, Falklands '82, Vietnam 1970, 'Top Gun', and (hypothetical) Russian Civil War.
Period 1950 to the present
Scale 1 round equals 20 seconds. 10cm equals one nautical mile. Aircraft move 1cm per 25 knots of current speed. The rules are intended primarily for use with 1/300 miniatures, although any scale could be used with appropriate changes in distances used.
Basing Aircraft models are mounted on hexagonal bases (ideally, plastic 'flying stands' to get them above the table surface)
Contents unknown
Designer David Manley (
Publisher Published 1995 by Felix Enterprises

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Designer's Website
Includes errata, optional rules, and designer notes.

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